Monthly Appointments

Monthly Treatment AppointmentsSolid Rock Recovery helps you reclaim your life through a scheduled treatment program based on your history. First we schedule an initial evaluation to determine a patient’s level of addiction and most recent usage, medical history, and any allergies that may require a different type of medication. The physician will then determine if your next visit is in one or two weeks. Patients still using narcotics actively are generally seen one week after the initial visit.

New patients are generally seen every two weeks until they have been narcotic-free for 12 weeks. They may then elect for 4-week visits. Pregnant woman must be seen every two weeks for the duration of the pregnancy.

Patients under the care of another Suboxone physician may transfer care to us. If they are considered stable on Suboxone, they will quality for 4-week visits.

Solid Rock is open four days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Evening hours are also available. Please call us to arrange an appointment time that works best for you.