Our Treatment Center

Solid Rock Recovery was founded to provide victims of addiction with access to Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT) to help overcome the pain and suffering of drug addiction. In the United States alone, over 50,000 people died last year from drug overdoses. That is almost 150 per day, and the number is increasing every year.

People suffering from addiction need to seek help before they take their own lives, but are often ashamed to admit to their dependence. At Solid Rock we treat our patients with compassion and respect. We aren’t interested in how a patient became addicted. We see our patients as having an illness and we work with them to help heal and overcome it. Most of our patients choose to pursue long-term MAT therapy to minimize the chance of relapse, but we also work with patients who wish to wean themselves off the medication after a period of recovery and stabilization.

Both Dr. Joseph Onishchuk and Dr. Felicia Gonzalez are private practice physicians with years of experience treating patients for pain-related ailments. You can learn more about them on their individual pages of this website. Our two physicians meet with each patient individually to determine the degree of their addiction and the proper dosage of a replacement medication such as Suboxone.

Solid Rock is HIPAA (Health Insurance Privacy and Accountability Act) compliant, so your meetings with us are completely private and confidential. Solid Rock also will work with any government agency that is involved in your treatment, including child protection services like DYFS, drug-related courts, and probation and parole officers.

At Solid Rock, it is our mission to help you avoid becoming a statistic and get your life back.